Text Message marketing, boon for Retailers!


Of late, a drastic revolution has taken place in terms of buying behavior of consumers, their buying patterns, product awareness, brand consciousness etc. On every day basis, we witness a new trend in the market as everything has transformed immensely. And the chief reason behind all this transformation is the nativity of Modern Retailing. These days, consumers have wide options to choose and buy, huge malls, hyper & supermarkets, multiplexes, conventional & departmental stores, multi brand outlets, discounted shops etc. and hence, for unrivaled results, smart selection of marketing platform is of the essence. In order to be unique in the market, it has become need of hour for Retailers to adopt remarkably nifty tactics such as adapting smarter technology, understanding the consumer demands, gauging market situations and last, but not the least, build long term relationship with loyal clients by proffering them special attention and utmost care. As a result, retailers need to adopt a marketing platform that could bring in traffic and augment sales. Now the question arises, which marketing platform to pick to satiate the need in question.

And the answer is SMS marketing, as is a great medium to STAND OUT, GET YOURSELF NOTICED & REEL IN YOUR CUSTOMERS. Text message marketing is an instantaneous and effective method to reach right audience and drive stream of traffic to store facility or online store. Retailers can use SMS marketing to build trust and long term relation with its customer. Moreover, SMS marketing service can come real handy for retailers, when it comes to structuring a loyalty program for its clients. It is one of the finest approaches to make customers feel special and stimulate them to visit into the stores regularly.

Text message marketing for Retailers in GCC, UAE

Using SMS marketing service, see what all you can do!

  • Discount Coupons: Offer 25% discount or buy one-get one free.
  • Text to Win: run regular contests to give away prize- 15% off on today’s bill.
  • Quiz Text: Quiz some attention-grabbing facts and entice customers.
  • Text to Vote: Introduce feedback and voting opportunities to allow client to interact, and retailers to track their loyal customers.
  • Mobile QR code: Create limitless 2D Barcodes of discount coupons and marketing video URLs.

Apart from pushing marketing efforts, SMS broadcast can also offer excellent services to customer.

  • Send order ready / pick-up SMS alerts
  • Send text for new arrivals and upcoming sale.
  • Send product details while customers in store.
  • Birthday & anniversary discount alerts.
  • Send news and upcoming events

Text message marketing service work as a boon for retailers as Time is a ruling factor these days for customers. Due to abatement of time, it has become indispensable for retailers to be more innovative, updated and direct whileadvertising their products.

According to GCC industry experts’ statistics:

  • 84% of people can’t spend their day without Smartphone?
  • Average mobile users check their devices more than 100 times a day.
  • 99% of recipient read text messages & 94% of these messages are opened with 3 minutes.
  • SMS has 90% (or better) average open rate.

These statistics evidently shows that retailers need to meet their prospects in their choice of environment, a place most of them visit on continues basis i.e. Mobile. SMS marketing proffer heaps of valuable solutions enfolded in a low cost package that kicks the rivalry out of the water! Text message marketing is no more a choice, but vital tool to endorse retail business verticals.

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Written and posted on April 03rd, 2016 by Aditi Bhatt.

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SMS Broadcast Strategy for Restaurants!

SMS Broadcast for Restaurant

Are you into restaurant business and not able put across weekly promotional messages across? Email blasts aren’t giving you effective & prompt results?

 Of late, text message marketing is turning the tide of direct marketing. Thousands of restaurants have already reaping the benefits of SMS broadcast on every day basis. Therefore, let’s explore the majestic attributes of text-based marketing and get the reach your restaurant is missing out with other marketing platforms.

Few significant statistics for a little inspiration:

  • 99% of SMS messages are opened within three minutes of the receipt. 
  • 44% of visitors opt-in to an SMS campaign. 
  • Mobile coupons are 10 times more redeemable than paper coupons. 
  • The opt-out rate from SMS campaigns for restaurant is just 2.69%. 

 Restaurant promotion through SMS Marketing

Trivial smart moves to amplify footfall and eventually enhance revenue of the restaurant:

Time is the key:

Restaurateurs can promote lunch time specials, they can target professionals and send them simple promotional offers via SMS just before lunchtime. The special feature of easy segmentation in SMS marketing helps marketers to target right people at right time which will stimulate them to make a quick visit to your set-up. 

Push clear benefits:  

Text message marketing is a great medium to proffer immediate benefits. Restaurants are at times busy for few specific hours and slower rest of the time. Therefore, such hours can be promoted smartly with SMS broadcast. For instance, if you are a snack bar with busy mornings but then slow afternoons, try send a redeemable text “Two cappuccino for one! Today only! Between 3-5 pm!”

Tool to remind:

SMS can be effectively used as a means to gently remind customers about your services and bring in orders without even sending promotional offers. Sometimes, when professionals spend lion’s share of your working hour in the office, they find it harder to get time for break. Hence, restaurant can use this as an opportunity to promote swift business delivery. Round lunch time a simple message can be propelled. Try send a text –Delicious lunch delivered right to your cubicle”.

In a nutshell, SMS broadcast allow restaurants to send text message coupons, run weekly SMS giveaways, build SMS ordering systems, and API helps easy integration of text messaging with POS systems. Guests chose for opt-in to receive text messages updates, are super fans and will be highly engaged and more active on participation. Therefore, SMS marketing works really well as a building block to get lucrative results in terms of reach and engagement. “Small change in combination of your marketing mix can fetch great results to your restaurants business”.


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SMS Marketing Strategy for Promotion & Advertising!


Summer season usually season of shopping, as brands run many promotional offers therefore, it is one of the hectic seasons for companies as well as consumers. Customers continuously look for lucrative offers & willing to shell out money when they strike a great bargain. SMS marketing is an effective marketing channel for brands as it liberates them to advertise offers more unswervingly to captive prospects. Embracing SMS marketing is a best way to reach and engage target audience with a robust & multi-channel communication stream.
Some of the benefits for both consumers and brands are:

  • The open rate of text message is 99% and are read within 3 minutes, thus, ensures direct & swift delivery of offers and promotions to readers.
  • Character limitation makes it highly efficacious to send across precise & well-constructed brand message.
  • No involvement of extra steps to access the information, i.e. audience need not to install apps or log-in to any platform to retrieve offers details.


SMS marketing is one of the major platform which can’t be ignored, it is imperatively a part of marketing mix.  Few bits and pieces need to be adopted while carrying out SMS marketing:

  1. Content design:

– As we know, that text message has character restriction, therefore, apart from adopting precision, it is crucial that the initial bit of message should include vital information to grab reader’s attention immediately and create the urgency to take action.
– Moreover, abbreviations can be of great use in SMS marketing content creation, as it allows to write lengthy information in a small space. Note: Only easily recognizable abbreviation should be used and only when is absolutely essential.
SMS marketing is absolutely incredible to put across promotional offer, it facilitates punchy content to get through right audience in a fraction of seconds without creating any hassle and disturbance.

  1. Build brand conversation:

– Text messages open doors of conversation between companies and customers. This platform allow customers to actually participate in the conversation. Through two-way SMS dialog feature, customers can reply to your SMS promotional offer and get connected with brands.
– Instant engagement helps marketer to eventually build a stronger relationship and create brand trust which ultimately means increased footfall and boost total revenue.

  1. Craft Exclusivity

– Exclusivity result into remarkable results, exclusive text messages could be sent to customers to make them feel valued and special. Request customers to subscribe or join your Exclusive SMS Program to get explicit offers that are accessible only through the SMS medium.

To conclude, if you are looking to promote your seasonal offers to right audience, SMS marketing is a direct way to reach mass instantly. Promotion is all about creating image of any brand via marketing and hence text message marketing is incredible tool to spread a word to people fast.

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Why Text Message Marketing Is Unbeatable?


If you’re into any business, you’re probably no stranger to the immense range of digital marketing resources used these days to connect with current and prospective customers. Undoubtedly, the arrival of smartphones and tablets has brought drastic change in the field of marketing and become the most powerful tool. As a result, the value of SMS broadcast marketing has dramatically augmented and become highly substantial. As we all know, in order to get success, it is imperative to understand your audience and get abreast of their needs, requirements and buying habits.  SMS broadcast becomes the workhorse of mobile marketing. SMS stands for “short message service,” is considered quite essential within mobile marketing arsenal. In current scenario, everyone is tapping into mobile marketing and ripping its immensely valuable outcomes.


Few extremely compelling reasons to pick this marketing tool are as follows:

SMS broadcast exceptionally affordable:
Short message service marketing proves to be exceptionally low priced as compared to other relatively exorbitantmarketing platforms which often hastily erode advertising budgets without giving up-to-the-mark ROI.

Short message service aids instant delivery:
Text message delivery is as quick as flash. SMS broadcast exactly place message into your subscribers’ phone within seconds after you send. It takes less than 7 seconds to reach from send to receive. It is most effective marketing tool than any other medium when time is of the essence. Moreover, the average open rate of text message is 90% (or more). As per research, text message is opened and viewed in less than 5 minutes after receipt. Therefore, it can be trusted for meritoriously deliver time sensitive, short communications, or promotional offers.

Text message hits to the point:

Short message service is boon for brands as it forces strategist to be concise and clear. Subscribers need not to slog through irrelevant content as this mode helps to put across brand messages immediately. The length of text message is 160-character which means the message which is sent would be to-the-point without unnecessary waffle that people unlike to read.

BRAND Examples of SMS Broadcast:

  • American Airlines use SMS marketing to get in touch with their travelers and provide them up-to-the-minute airline flight information.
  • UPS logistics company run text message marketing program called UPS My Choice® Delivery Alerts, through this they offer helpful information about UPS deliveries so that their clients can plan accordingly.

In nutshell, SMS broadcast is incredibly fast method to communicate with your prospects and existing clients & provide them valuable information. It possess the ability to catapult revenue to new levels, besides, no other marketing tool can be compared to its swiftness.


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