Case Studies

Atlantis, the Palm – SMS Marketing


Atlantis, The Palm is a majestic 5 star hotel based in Dubai and well renowned for its spectacular services ranging from state-of-the-art hotel architecture, marvelous restaurants and triumphant aquatic attractions which never cease to astonish.

Perhaps, you must be thinking, “Atlantis is a well-recognized brand in the market, thus their marketing endeavors hardly counts now”

However, you are absolutely wrong, let me explain, why?


Atlantis was struggling to communicate their promotional offers to new as well as existing clients in a penny-pinching way. Therefore, they wanted to integrate a system wherein they can send communication to clients instantaneously with an option monitor the entire activity for future reference and amendments.


Atlantis hire Dataslices to pull them out of this scuffle. Dataslices suggested them SMS gateway to offer direct communication channel and track the complete progress of the action. Hence, Atlantis meritoriously used the uncomplicatedness of SMS broadcast to directly interact with their customers.


Atlantis noticed enormous ease in the process of communication and eventually boost in the number of guests.

Now they are able to;

  • Send out information about special offers & promotions to potentials and customers.
  • Measure the performance of the entire SMS campaign easily.
  • Run contests & sweepstakes to encourage audience to engage.
  • Keep clients updated about upcoming events and celebrations.
  • Saved 65% of cost as compare to previous marketing platform used for the same purpose.